Best time for a vacation in Sri Lanka

Best time for a vacation in Sri Lanka, December to March is best for the hill country and the south coast beaches. April to November is best for eastern coast beaches. Overall the country is a year around holiday destination.



travelYou don't need to bring a lot of clothes. It's better to buy them in local shopping malls, clothing available at local stores are better suit for  the tropical weather than the ones from cold weather countries. Interestingly Sri Lanka is one of the leading clothing manufacturer supplying to famous brands.


Toiletries and Medicines

You need a mosquito repellent. Even if there is no malaria threat on Sri Lanka you need to protect yourself from the mosquito. There is a risk of dengue fever.

Most of the hotels and guesthouses provides the mosquito nets, so you don't have to bring your own one.

If you're not used to Asian cuisine it's good to bring some stomach pills. European, Mediterranean, Chinese and other cuisines are served in almost every hotels and resorts.


cameraPhoto Equipment

You can find films or batteries for camera anywhere. High quality cameras only available in big stores / shopping malls.



How to be a safe tourist in Sri Lanka

Buy a travel insurance cover; though vehicles you travel and hotels you stay fully insured it is highly advisable to take your own travel insurance cover.

On excursions in water, boat rides, adventure sports always wearlifebuoysafety jackets where needed, if not available on site do not take part.
Always have a guide/ instructor/ safety stewards with you or on the location when you go for trekking, hiking, water sports, adventure sports or any other activity which you are not a licensed professional.

Always wear seat belt while riding in a car.

Never try to cross the road, get in, get down or travel in footsteps in a bus/ train like the locals do.

Remember safety first. Always follow road markings, street signs and safety signs

Make sure you take all your medication needs before you coming to Sri Lanka, you may buy most of the medicines in local chemist or in a supermarket.

It is advisable to have a mosquito repellent with you when you travelling village and jungle locations.

In an accident or robbery or anything you suspect please inform your chauffeur, hotel staff, site stewards, or the travel agent. You may also call the Police dialing 119 emergency line.

How to get along with locals easily

Sri Lankans are appreciated by all for their genuine smile, even a tough situation they take it with a humble smile.

Do not expect everyone to speak in English, most of the locals may understand what you’re saying and can read.

People are friendly and helpful but wouldn't come in your way. If you need a help please approach them, they may happy to give a hand.

Cricket, Cricket, Cricket ....

Sri Lankans love to play Cricket, whenever get a chance they enjoy a good game of cricket. So make your  move talk about Sri Lankan cricket team, or asked about from locals if you’re not in to cricket.

Leave a tip for the restaurant waiter, excursion steward, room boy or to your chauffeur as a way of saying your appreciation for their services. You won’t be surprised how service levels increases instantly.